Bringing Farming to a new Era

About Us

We at Farmalytics want to make Precision Farming easy and affordable by providing state of the art sensor technology with robust Analytics to help farmers make data driven decisions like every other business of the 21st century

What We Offer


To help you make better decisions by using our advanced algorithms with the data from the sensor network and local weather patterns to give you recommendations

We display the data in easy to understand graphs and charts so they will be more valuable to you

Wireless Sensors

Our wireless sensor node network, which can optionally be solar-powered, will help get hyperlocal soil conditions in real time

Our sensors have a variety of attachments that allow them to communicate in all terrains. Whether it be mountains or flatland our system will make sure your data reaches you.

Your Data, Wherever You are

Our solution is platform independent, you can access everything about your farm from your PC, Mac, phone or tablet

A ಅ अ க் અ

You will be able to see information about your farm in a variety of languages. Whether it be the app or website, access everything in the language of your choice